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Which Products to Boycott?

Filipino Americans and Fil-Canadians are boycotting all products made by Ramar Foods, the OMGpeke company.

Bestaste Dimsum

Orientex lumpia
Manila Gold Frozen Calamansi
So Naimas
Bestaste Siopao
Turo-Turo Gourmet [sic] Frozen
Kusina ni Maria
Magnolia Ice Cream USA (OMGpeke)
Magnolia Meats: Frozen Cocktail Hotdogs, Tocino, Beef Tapa, Longanisa

Pampanga's Best USA (OMGpeke) - not associated with the original Pampanga's Best of the Philippines.

Pampanga's Best Chicken Shanghai 28 oz.
Pampanga's Best Pork Shanghai 28 oz
Pampanga's Best Pork Sweet Garlic Longanisa 12 oz
Pampanga's Best Pork Lumpia Shanghai 40oz
Pampanga's Best Sweet Hamonado Longanisa 12oz
Pampanga's Best Chicken Tocino 12oz
Pampanga's Best Pork Tocino 12oz
Pampanga's Best Chicken Longanisa 12oz
Pampanga's Best Beef Tapa 12oz
Pampanga's Best Pork and Shrimp Shanghai 28oz

Frescano Rellenong Bangus
Frescano Deboned Bangus Ffd
Frescano Bangus Belly
Frescano Marinated Baby Bangus Bsm
Frescano Smoked Baby Bangus Sdb
Frescano Smoked Bangus Sd

Turo-Turo Frozen Pork BBQ 20oz
Turo-Turo Frozen Chicken BBQ 20oz
Turo-Turo Frozen Ukoy Vegetables and Whole Shrimp Fritters 3.50 pounds
SKU: 0011547500601
Turo-Turo Frozen Chicken BBQ 12 oz
Turo-Turo Fully Cooked Embotido 12oz
Turo-Turo Frozen Pork BBQ 12oz
Turo-Turo Frozen Calamari on BBQ Stick 16.92 oz
Turo-Turo Frozen Chicken BBQ 30oz
Turo-Turo Frozen Pork Sisig with Chicken Liver 10oz

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BesTaste Dimsum

BesTaste Dimsum is a product manufactured by Ramar Foods, the company that has pirated food brands from the Philippines, including the widely known Magnolia Ice Cream.

We urge Filipino Americans and Fil-Canadians to BOYCOTT all products manufactured by the OMGpeke company Ramar Foods.

Best Taste products to boycott:
– Best Taste Chicken with Shrimp Shumai 10oz
– Bestaste Pork with Shrimp Shumai 10oz
– Bestaste Chicken Asado Siopao 20oz
– Bestaste Hamonado Siopao 20oz
– BestTaste Pork Asado Siopao 20oz
– BestTaste Siopao Bola Bola 4pcs 20oz
– BestTaste Spicy Pork Asado Siopao 20oz

Exercise your power as a consumer.

There are so many ethical choices you can make.

For example, GOLDILOCKS is now making siopao. This is a Philippine company with production facilities in the Philippines and in North America. Unlike Ramar Foods, Goldilocks is a Philippine company. Unlike Ramar Foods, Goldilocks never stole a longstanding iconic brand from the Philippines.

Do NOT buy Ramar’s BesTaste Dimsum. Do NOT buy Ramar’s Siopao. Do NOT buy Ramar’s Shumai.

Spend your money on the products of companies that follow ethical business practices.