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FilStop Grocery / Filstop Inc.

FilStop.com / Filstop Grocery Store

Located at 683 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07306

UPDATE: On January 22, 2020, a case was initiated in Passaic County with Levin Properties filing a civil demand against Filstop Inc.

The demand amount is $38,991.86

Levin Properties is the management company of Clifton Plaza, where Filstop’s second location was open between September and December 2019.

A non-jury trial is scheduled for March 3, 2020, at the Passaic County Courthouse. The case will be heard at 8:45 am in Court Room 200 with Judge Vicki A. Citrino presiding. The docket number is PAS LT 001019-20.

The plaintiff is represented by Bruce Edward Gudin of the Ehrlich, Petriello, Gudin & Plaza law firm.

February 21, 2020

Lawsuit filed against Erwin Santos and LS Filipino Merchandising by Golden Fortune Import and Export


FilStop.com is the new name of the grocery store Philam Food after the wholesaler Phil-Am Trading filed a meritorious million-dollar lawsuit in federal court to prevent PhilamFood from again reneging on their legally binding agreements.

Filstop’s owner is Philam Merchandising’s Erwin Santos, whose family and company have been hit by numerous complaints and various lawsuits ranging in allegations from illegal food sales and improper food handling to personal injury and failure to pay law-mandated wages.

In December 2019, Filstop’s Clifton location, as well as its online store, closed permanently. Filstop’s original location in Jersey City also closed for good.

Fil Stop / FilStop Grocery

Domestic Profit Corporation 0100893600

FILSTOP INC. bears the state ID of 0100893600.

The business entity is listed as being incorporated on December 6, 2002 — the date that Phil-Am Merchandising Inc. (the erstwhile Philam Food) was formed. That means it’s the same company even though it changed its name — any lawsuit you’d like to file against Phil Am Food can still be filed against Filstop Inc.


  1. Rogelia Kahlon says:

    I had shopped for mangoes at Filstop on 2 July 2019 at1:05:39 pm together with some other groceries. On 7 July 2019, I cut one mango for lunch and found the flesh all blackened. I opened the rest of the mangoes I have taken from the box about six of them and all six were all blackened inside. I called Filstop and talked to Blanca On 5 July 2019 at 10:39 o’clock a.m. to inform her about the condition of the mango fruits. She told me to bring the receipt to get the refund of $16.00. I went on 8 July 2019, around noon time and waited just a few minutes for my turn with the cashier. I did manage a sentence that I came to get a refund. Before something can be done, an old woman, Florentina Santos, started calling me a liar. I didn’t even know where she came from. Perhaps the cashier must have pressed a button to summon her and right smack into my face she started calling me a liar before I can add to the one sentence I told the cashier. She was screaming at me non-stop. I just walked out of the store filling so disgusted. There had been several federal lawsuits filed against the store and it is still ongoing. I promise myself I will never step into that store ever again. The woman was worse than a pit bull or an angry wild animal turned loose. There was no way a normal conversation can be carried on as the growl of Florentina Santos is so blood-curdling, I don’t think anyone will be able to even insert a word. That was the worse harassment even doled out to me in my lifetime.

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