Beware of this Filipino grocery store online!

The openly rabid OMGpeke Movement supporter PhilAmFood of New Jersey owned by Ramar Foods lackey Erwin Santos has had at least three lawsuits filed against it by three different plaintiffs. Two cases were transferred to the federal court.

In the wake of a lawsuit settlement, Phil Am Food changed its name to Filstop.

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Online Filipino Store: Suki Direct Warehouse
Filstop / Fil Stop is a self-proclaimed “Filipino” American online grocery store notorious for repeatedly shipping out expired food.

Non-Filipino Americans Review San Miguel Beer’s Pale Pilsen

Verdict: “Not bad. A 7 out of 10. Will take one over Corona or Tecate.”


Get to Know the Cuisine of the Philippine Islands

“Pan de Baboy” literally means “Bread of Pig.” Pan is the Spanish word for “bread” while Baboy is Tagalog for “pig.” In the featured photo above, the bread is in the shape of a lechon or roasted pig.

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Featured photo courtesy of Mayette Garcia.

A popular kakanin (rice delicacy) during the Christmas holidays, puto bumbong is purple-colored rice steamed in bamboo tubes and served with grated coconut and brown sugar.

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Bibingka is a flat but thick yellow rice cake that was once a mainstay only during the “cold” months of the Christmas season in the Philippines. It is traditionally cooked (“baked”) in a mold lined with banana leaves and then served with a topping of grated coconut.

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Goldilocks is a Philippine bakeshop chain that manufactures and packages different flavors of pulburon. The Filipino word comes from the Spanish polvoron. Goldilocks calls it “shortbread cookies.” Goldilocks Canada has referred to polvoron as “Manila shortbread,” describing it as a "sweet mixture of toasted flour, milk, butter and sugar, that is then molded."

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Turón is banana wrapped like a spring roll and deep fried with brown sugar. The banana often used is the fat saba variety. Jackfruit is sometimes included in the filling for a sweeter flavor.

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Photo of Binatog by Mildred Cruz.

Binatog is simply boiled corn kernels! It's a popular Filipino snack that you can also buy at many roadside stalls in the Philippines.

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Cookies from the Philippines!

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In the Philippines, polvoron refers to a soft crumbly treat whose ingredients are mainly powdered milk, butter and toasted flour. They are molded into oval or round shapes.

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Photo by Toyang Noresa of Barquillos, Butter Scotch, Napoleones, Bañadas, Barquiron and Piaya from Bongbong's of Bacolod City.

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Note to Filipino Americans: Martin Purefoods is NOT the San Miguel Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdog you know from the Philippines.

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Photo by MeNi C.

Chichacorn is a semi-popped style of cornick that uses glutinous corn, which is treated with lime before frying. The name is a combination of the words chicharon (crispy pork rinds) and corn.

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Photo by Eva Argenos of Pakaskas from Isla Verde, Batangas.

Pakaskas is a sweet treat consisting of palm sugar that's liquified, then put into a mold of palm leaves until the liquid solidifies.

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