Beware of this Filipino grocery store online!

The openly rabid OMGpeke Movement supporter PhilAmFood of New Jersey owned by Ramar Foods lackey Erwin Santos has had at least three lawsuits filed against it by three different plaintiffs. Two cases were transferred to the federal court.

In the wake of a lawsuit settlement, Phil Am Food changed its name to Filstop.

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In February 2016, a Phil-Am Food customer decided she had had enough and came out to say that she had been a victim of multiple instances of unethical practices conducted by this company through its Filipino grocery store online.
Austin Filipino-American Association. The AFAA is a public, non-profit organization established to preserve, promote, and enhance Filipino culture through education and cultural arts, and to provide community assistance and recreation for those living in Austin, Texas, and surrounding areas.

Non-Filipino Americans Review San Miguel Beer’s Pale Pilsen

Verdict: “Not bad. A 7 out of 10. Will take one over Corona or Tecate.”


Get to Know the Cuisine of the Philippine Islands

Ube Halaya by Aizel_77.Also called halayang ube, this is a jam made from the Philippines' favorite root crop, the purple yam locally called ube.
Photo by Mildred Cruz of corn from the province of Pangasinan.The Tagalog word for 'corn' is mais, from the Spanish maiz.
Otap is a crisp, flaky, even crunchy, oval-shaped “puff” pastry that’s a popular snack in the Philippines.
Also known as Zambo Rolls -- from the Zamboanga peninsula of the large island of Mindanao in southern Philippines!Lokot-lokot is a crunchy, golden brown delicacy produced and served during special occasions.
Photo of Crispy Crablets by Jeric Travis.
Spaghetcharon by Jeric TravisYes... it's spaghetti with chicharon. 😛
Chicharon Bulaklak by Angie Pastor. For orders in Manila, 09369815475.Also known as chilak.
Guess what flavor of ice candy this is... 🙂
Sagimis is the native Tagalog word in Batangas and surrounding areas for the Filipino snack more widely known in the Philippines as turón.Turón is banana wrapped like a spring roll and deep fried with brown sugar. The banana often used is the fat saba variety.
Photos by Papus Bueno. Tupig is a kakanin (rice delicacy) of the Ilocos region of Northern Luzon in the Philippines!
Chichaworms, a delicacy from Bohol in the Philippines.
Passionfruit? Grape? Honey Lavender? Nope!  Purple Ice Cream has to be none other than the UBE flavor of the Philippines!UBE (oo-beh) is Purple Yam... a root crop you dig from under the ground.