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Super Pinoy Onion


Application Number: 201200025

Variety Name: SUPER PINOY

Crop: Onion


Eastwest Super Pinoy

“Super Pinoy” is an onion short-day open pollinated variety with dark green and waxy leaves and bulbs are flattened-globe in shape. The variety is high yielding and has bigger bulbs than the standard short-day variety “Red Pinoy”.

Eastwest Red Pinoy
– A red creole variety with excellent bulb quality and storability, with medium sized bulbs (40-50 grams).
– Suitable for regular season planting, for direct seeding and transplanting.
– Flattened globe in shape and deep red color, high bulbing percentage and very low splitting rate.
– Harvesting starts 95 DAT or 125 DAS.

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