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PhilAm Food Reviews

In February 2016, a Philam Food customer named Irene Nicholson felt she had had enough and decided to publicly voice out her grievance about receiving expired food from its online grocery store.

She wrote that she had already once before received food she had ordered past the expiration date and had decided to stay quiet that first time but unfortunately, on another order, she received expired food again. After that second time, she decided to go public.

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If you feel you are a victim who can be part of one or multiple class-action lawsuits against PhilAm Food, please email [email protected]

Examples of potential plaintiffs being sought:

  • Individuals who experienced the effects of a possible data breach after making a purchase on their online store
  • Individuals who received expired food after purchasing on their online store
  • Individuals who bought expired food in their physical store
  • Individuals who witnessed rodent infestation in their physical store
  • Individuals who were told by the store clerks or company representatives in person, by email, via social media, or by phone that ALL their products are sourced directly from the Philippines
  • Individuals who have seen web/store signage or announcements that ALL their products are authentically from the Philippines
  • Individuals who were charged hidden fees on store transactions, particularly relating to Paypal refunds on the online store
  • Individuals who were told that certain items in their inventory (Ramar Foods’ Magnolia, Pampanga’s Best, Magnolia Meats, Martin Purefoods) are made by Philippine companies.

In particular, in the case of Magnolia ice cream, if you were told that “it’s the same as the Philippines'” or given that impression, you can directly email [email protected]

Please write down, even if only for your own notes for now, all the relevant details you remember, including but not limited to dates, location, and persons involved.

UPDATE: After years of scandal, Phil-Am Food changed its name to Filstop in mid-2016; however, on New Jersey’s books, Phil-am Food and Filstop are still the same entity, so if you have cause to file a lawsuit against Phil-Am Food, you can still proceed and sue Filstop.