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Boycott Frescano Frozen Bangus (Milkfish)

Boycott Frescano Frozen Bangus (Milkfish) !!!

It belongs to Ramar Foods, the American company that stole the Magnolia brand and logo, as well the Pampanga’s Best brand, from the Philippines.

Do NOT buy any of the following products:

Frescano Rellenong Bangus 16 ounces 1.80 pounds
Frescano Deboned / Boneless Bangus Ffd
Frescano Bangus Belly
Frescano Marinated Baby Bangus Bsm
Frescano Smoked Baby Bangus Sdb
Frescano Smoked Bangus Sd

As an alternative, look for the Philippine brand Sarangani Bay instead.

We are urging our fellow Filipino Americans to not spend their hard-earned dollars lining the dirty pockets of companies like Ramar that engage in unethical practices, such as this blatant trademark and brand piracy. Do not condone the theft of Philippine intellectual property.

There are honest companies who are more deserving of our patronage.