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Boycott Magnolia Skinless Sweet Hamonado Longganisa!

Magnolia – Skinless Sweet Hamonado (Longanisa) in the United States

We urge American consumers to BOYCOTT this longganisa product of Ramar Foods!

Despite the familiar white-on-blue oval Magnolia logo on the packaging, this is NOT from the company that Filipinos grew up with in the Philippines.

There is NO licensing agreement between Ramar Foods and San Miguel for use of the Magnolia name and logo.

What? Yes, you are reading that right. Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. There is NO cooperation between Ramar and San Miguel.

The USA company Ramar Foods registered the name and logo that San Miguel created and developed in the Philippines. It’s an infamous case of trademark squatting and brand piracy — the type that U.S. companies are always accusing China of doing.

Many “Filipino” stores in the United States, particularly New Jersey, have been passing off Ramar’s “Magnolia” meats and ice cream as authentic goods from the Philippines. They group the knockoffs together with the genuine items.

You cannot blame consumers for ignorance in this case. Because would it occur to Philippine-born Filipinos that the product they see with the exact same logo they saw growing up would belong to a company NOT affiliated with San Miguel?

That is why we real Filipinos need to inform our fellow kababayans… If you want to make sure of the origin, check the label. If it does not mention the San Miguel Corporation, then it is not what we grew up with. It’s made by the OMGpeke company.

Tangkilikin ang sariling atin! Tingnan ang label at huwag suportahan ang mga namimirata sa tatak ng Pilipinas!

Barcode: 0011547167002 (EAN / EAN-13) 011547167002 (UPC / UPC-A)

Ingredients list: Pork, sugar, water, salt, garlic, soy protein concentrate, beet powder, oleoresin paprika, spices sodium nitrite.

Additives: E250 – Sodium nitrite

United States Department of Agriculture
Food Safety and Inspection Service


Suspension in Effect: April 29, 2016

Basis for Suspension: Sanitation performance standards (SPS)

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