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Filipino Food

Orientex Foods: Boycott!

Boycott Orientex Foods!!!

Huwag po tayong magpaloko, mga kababayan!

Orientex Foods is the same company as Ramar Foods, the trademark pirates who stole the brand names Magnolia Ice Cream and Pampanga’s Best from the Philippines.

Orientex Foods International
1101 Railroad Ave, Pittsburg, California 94565
Phone number: (925) 439-9009




Do Not Buy Orientex Lumpia!!!

Don’t let your hard-earned money go to the pockets of this unethical company that steal intellectual property from the Philippines.

Logo commissioned by Primo J Quesada

Manuel Bautista | Vice President Finance at Orientex Foods

Boycott action courtesy of Wage-Theft Victims in Jersey City

Ramar Foods Suspended by USDA

QUARTERLY ENFORCEMENT REPORT July through September 30, 2016 United States Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service RAMAR INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION 17480A M17480A P PITTSBURG, CA Suspension in Effect: April 29, 2016 Basis for Suspension: Sanitation performance standards (SPS)

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Pampanga’s Best

Note that the Philippine brand PAMPANGA'S BEST is not the one of the OMGpeke company in the USA.

The ORIGINAL Pampanga's Best has been in in business in the Philippines since 1967.

How to tell the difference between the original Pampanga's Best from the Philippines vs. the OMGpeke of the United States?

Pampanga's Best in the Philippines has an image of the founder Lolita Hizon as part of the branding. The knockoff Pampanga's Best in the United States does not.

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