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Filipino Food Movement

What is The Filipino Food Movement?

The Filipino Food Movement is a marketing ploy created by Ramar Foods to deflect criticism of the company’s piracy of Philippine brands such as Magnolia ice cream and Pampanga's Best.

It is part of the #OMGpeke scandal involving the American company Ramar Foods, which pirated San Miguel’s brand Magnolia — including the widely recognized logo — to use on ice cream manufactured by Ramar in Northern California with no licensing from San Miguel.

Ramar Foods is owned by the Quesada family, which started marking their ice-cream products with the Magnolia name in the 1970s without San Miguel's permission. San Miguel had been developing that brand and its goodwill among Filipinos in the Philippines since the 1920s.

According to Judge Richard R. Clifton of the Ninth Circuit Court, Ramar has been surfing on the name recognition and goodwill that San Miguel had cultivated among Filipinos.

Who Owns The Filipino Food Movement?

The "Filipino Food Movement" is officially registered as a corporation in the state of California under the name of Primo Quesada.

The Quesada family owns and operates Ramar Foods, the company that stole the Magnolia brand of ice cream from the Philippines.

Filipino Food Movement

Contrary to what casual observers have said about “The Filipino Food Movement” being non-proprietary, it is in fact an entity that was founded by and is under the stewardship of the same family and company that have pirated at least two food brand names from the Philippines — Magnolia and Pampanga’s Best.

Each time you use the #FilipinoFoodMovement hashtag, you’re essentially promoting the “sponsor” Ramar Foods, which has still not been held accountable for their theft of Philippine intellectual property.

We strongly encourage Filipino Americans and Filipino Canadians to boycott all of Ramar products and activities. There are other Fil-American and Fil-Canadian companies that are honest and more deserving of our hard-earned dollars.

Support decent business practices. Do not condone trademark piracy.

Do NOT buy Orientex lumpia. Do NOT buy Magnolia Ice Cream USA.

Email the stores that carry these products and inform them about what this unethical company has done to Philippine intellectual property.

The #BoycottRamar movement was galvanized in 2015-2016 by the immoral actions of what turned out to be a rabid OMGpeke seller based in New Jersey, the Ramar Foods flunky Erwin Santos of PhilAm Food. That small grocery store is notorious for being the subject of various lawsuits.

Check the label of "Magnolia" products on store shelves in the United States and Canada. If it doesn't say "San Miguel" on it, then it is NOT the Magnolia that Filipinos grew up with in the Philippines. It is OMGpeke.

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