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Pampanga’s Best

Note that the Philippine brand PAMPANGA’S BEST is not the one of the OMGpeke company in the USA.

The ORIGINAL Pampanga’s Best has been in in business in the Philippines since 1967.

How to tell the difference between the original Pampanga’s Best from the Philippines vs. the OMGpeke of the United States?

The authentic Pampanga’s Best in the Philippines has an image of the founder Lolita Hizon on the packaging. The knockoff Pampanga’s Best in the United States does not.

Do you know about the OMGpeke scandal?

It’s about a USA company that pirated the Magnolia ice-cream brand and logo from San Miguel Philippines. Filipino Americans think they’re buying the Magnolia ice cream they grew up with back home… but they are not.

Well, the very same USA company Ramar Foods filed a trademark application in the United States for the brand name “Pampanga’s Best” in the year 2000.

Pampanga’s Best is a well-known brand in the Philippines, having been in the business of making tocino and longanisa since 1967 until today.

There is NO existing relation between “Pampanga’s Best” of Ramar Foods USA and the original Pampanga’s Best of the Philippines.


Do NOT buy any of the following products produced by the OMGpeke company in the United States!

  • Pampanga’s Best Pork Tocino 12oz
  • Pampanga’s Best Chicken Shanghai 28 oz.
  • Pampanga’s Best Pork Shanghai 28 oz
  • Pampanga’s Best Pork Sweet Garlic Longanisa 12 oz
  • Pampanga’s Best Pork Lumpia Shanghai 40oz
  • Pampanga’s Best Sweet Hamonado Longanisa 12oz
  • Pampanga’s Best Chicken Tocino 12oz
  • Pampanga’s Best Chicken Longanisa 12oz
  • Pampanga’s Best Beef Tapa 12oz
  • Pampanga’s Best Pork and Shrimp Shanghai 28oz