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Federal Warning to Phil-Am Food of New Jersey

Office of Program Evaluation, Enforcement and Review (OPEER)

For the entire country of the United States, there were 504 notices in total given by OPEER in the fiscal year 2012.

One of those 504 notices went to Phil-Am Merchandising of New Jersey, then known as Phil-Am Food, now known as Filstop.

Notice was given on 1/31/12 to Phil-Am Merchandising Inc.

Address: 683-685 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, New Jersey

What is a Notice of Warning?

A Notice of Warning (NOW) provides notice of violations to establishments, firms, and responsible individuals. FSIS issues a NOW to establishments, firms, and individuals to notify them of prohibited acts or other conduct that violates FSIS statutes or regulations.

The warning identifies the violative conduct, condition, practice, or product, and the statutory or regulatory provisions violated. It warns that FSIS may seek criminal prosecution or other action for continued or future violations. A NOW may be issued to any individual, firm, establishment, wholesaler, distributor, restaurant, retail store, or other commerce facility that processes, stores, or distributes meat, poultry, and egg products.

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